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3 thoughts on “Warner Robins GA Air Museum

  1. “Bolts with keepers / rotation detectors” – rotten safetywiring job. There would be a lot of remedial practice after this if it had been a real airplane, some of it blindfolded.

    “Rotary engine” – radial engine, unless the mounting bolts are really loose.

    Are you in the AOA sensor line? Fun items when they get bent, the bearings start to go or the connectors get corroded.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for the correction on “radial” engines. My bad.
      Some of my customers use AOA data among other inputs to alert the cockpit to things like wind shear but they don’t make the sensors. It gets interesting when multiple AOAs start giving conflicting readings — which one(s) do you trust or are they all correct but seeing the world differently just a few feet apart?

      1. Life is a lot easier if you have three air data systems to compare. I’ve also chased AOA faults when one channel of one unit had drifted out of specification. Component Maintenance Manuals are your friend, unless they move from bench measurements to proprietary automated test programs. grrr.

        I guess I’m a switching logic person in a microprocessor world, and the manufacturers aren’t sharing the map.

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