The Internet is Not a Nice ‘Hood

20130915-054123.jpgI’ve turned off user-registrations at another web-site I maintain.

Apparently it was recently added to some mainland China “easy mark” list and was being probed with a new, non-human registration attempt every few minutes.

While relatively harmless because each such request is held in limbo until manually approved or rejected, the frequency and volume was annoying and needed daily human intervention. With email addresses at “” and coming from computers in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, it was easy to guess they probably weren’t Bullseye shooters at some local club in Communist China. But I still had to check and then delete them, one by one.

So I disabled the “Register” link.

From now on, applicants will have to use the Contact form and send an email request with human-written text if they want a login. Bullseye shooters who are less computer savvy may not figure it out for a while but, then again, registration isn’t needed for most of what the web-site offers.

We’ll see.

Let the complaints from those Gucci bag-toting shooters begin.

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