OK, this is going to be a fine line. The “link” included at the end of this post is to a publicly retrievable photograph on someone else’s web page, on Facebook to be precise. The photographer states (read it at the link) that the picture may not be posted so, therefore, I’m not posting it. Instead, I’m posting only the link to the otherwise downloadable image.

The quibbling over words may now begin.

So, you might ask, who is it a picture of and why should anyone care? Why that’s Toni and her husband with the Obamas for the White House 2010 Xmas party.

And who, you might also ask, is Toni? Why, she is a senior Vice President of the company that is building the ObamaCare website you’ve probably read about. That job was awarded to Toni’s company with no other solicitation for bids.

Just them, no competition, no other bids, no solicitations.

“Here ya go, Toni. Have at it.”

Oh, I should add that Michele and Toni are Princeton classmates.

How do I know all this? Because Toni and Michelle have told us so. You’ll find Toni’s details as well as the linked photograph all at Toni’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/tonitwhitley). And Michelle’s time at Princeton is a matter of public record. (Google it.)

But make sure you don’t copy or publish the image linked below because it’s only for private use, OK?

Here’s the link to the image – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=134031629990000&set=a.134031603323336.22440.100001494924603&type=3&theater

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