Keep Your Shoes On


Fellow future travelers waiting to register

With a KTN (Known Traveler Number), I will blitz through TSA checkpoints in record time with shoes and belt intact and no low dose X-Ray radiation. Just a gentle magnetometer shake of my water molecules and a not-passing-through-me X-Ray of my carry-on via the TSA PreCheck line.

Registering for the KTN took all of five minutes but, because it was across town and I did a “walk in” instead of waiting a month for an appointment, it took three hours to complete. But since that’s roughly the equivalent of six TSA regular gropes that, with my frequent travels, I would suffer in two months, the KTN’s resulting one year shunt and bypass via the “Chosen One” line is a great investment. I’ll save time and suffer less hassle.

I’ll be waiting for you inside the secured area at Starbucks. Have a nice grope!

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