spamMy email spam filters are pretty good but every now and then one sneaks through.

This one is rather obvious — who writes these, pre-teens?

In the graphic above, I’ve highlighted in yellow and red what rang my alarm bells.

  1. The person I’m supposed to contact supposedly works for the “USA Federal Reserve Bank of Alabama” (Alabama?) but has a “” email address.
  2. Personal details are requested by email especially the Working “I’d” (ID, I presume — darn the sender’s spell checker!) and “Intel” (International?) Passport.

Note that, even without the banking and official identification information, sharing any personal details is a bad idea.

If you don’t know (and trust) the individual and firm involved, don’t send it.

From our parents or by hard experience, we learn that trust must be earned. If you give it away freely, someone is going to rob you blind, case in point.

I doubt any of you would be tricked by any attempt as flawed and obvious as this but, as we get older, pride, forgetfulness and desperation work their damage.


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