Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine, …

9Today’s plan:

  • 7:00AM Quick blog (hence, the total absence of profound — deal with it)
  • 7:30AM Face rake, shower, teeth, clothes — yesterday’s jeans are fine but I’m two days into that shirt and going out in public; that has to change
  • 8:00AM Road — Wow, so this is what “rush hour” is like — I remember this!
  • 9:00AM Mayo Clinic, Prevnar 13 shot, ban the bad pneumonia
  • 9:30AM Road (approx.)
  • 10:30AM Walgreens — Decaf is on sale; clean ’em out
  • 11:00AM … uhm, close enough — *s*l*o*w*l*y* fix something for lunch
  • Noon – “Show up” at the office and try to look productive — when you’ve worked from home for twenty years, this is a total no-brainer
  • 4:30PM – Knock off early. I’m retiring soon, you know?

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