So go the lyrics to a song from The Fantastics. I know because I sang them in a local production many years ago.

Acting is but one of my many diversions. Music another. Similarly, Bullseye, ham radio, genealogy and the writing of non-fiction are others.

Retired as of the first of the year, my plan is to give each of these much more time. Illness has forced some reprioritization but we hope that is temporary.

We’re looking at trailers, from those tiny teardrops that barely accommodate two people and one skillet to modest motor homes that get ten MPG or less. But we acknowledge we’ve never been the types to rough it. The draw of travel which we both enjoy is the pea under the mattress but we need to give it a sincere try before raiding — my fingers typed “raining” — the IRA. Weather such as Phoenix expects this weekend with more than an inch of rain gives serious pause to the camping idea.

We just gotta get through this illness phase.

1 thought on “Soon It’s Gonna Rain

  1. We’ve been thinking those same traveling thoughts. Even thought about a van with headroom. Right now hotel rooms will do. We do get sick of them and they vary in quality. Also packing and unpacking. But we don’t have to make a commitment either. We can still drive off the beaten path or stay in civilization. We only go a couple times a year however.

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