Granddaughter’s First 900

IMG_20150327_133822495_tweakedOne of my granddaughters is a college Sophomore who has received a small amount of instruction on handguns, rifles and shotguns. Because she follows instructions, she does quite well when plinking. But shooting in competition with a group and having her target scored by a stranger, well, that sometimes befuddles newcomers.

Home for spring break, her “let’s go to the range” request coincided with the Tuesday evening Nighthawks so I said, “Yes, if you’ll shoot your first competition.”

After only the briefest of hesitations, she said, “Yes!”

In the evenings, we shoot a short course with B-16 targets at 25 yards for the slow fire so the holes in the backer are a little misleading for those three targets. But what you see is what she did. Indeed, if you add ten warm-up rounds to the ninety for the competition, you can click the picture and count all 100 holes — they’re all there!

Bullseye shooters will immediately note her overall group is offset to the right suggesting her trigger finger placement needs a small tweak. And that “Maggie’s drawers” in the upper right is tipped over suggesting she did the same wrist flip I sometimes do that causes the bullet to tumble.

Like grampa, like granddaughter?

But notice she’s a rightie with practically no jerked shots. (Wish I could say the same!)

She did the full competition including the shooting, scoring of her neighbor’s target as well as double-checking her score as marked by our resident PhD astronomer, and engaging in small talk with the old fogeys as we walked to the targets, scored and repaired.

But when “Shooters to the line” was called, you could almost hear her thoughts, “It’s time to shoot now. Let’s focus.”

Safety. Trigger finger out. Muzzle downrange. Magazine, click. Slide back, release. Ready.

Dot. Bull. Straight-back. “Bang!” Recover. Repeat.

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