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Serpent’s Smile is halfway done.

When finished, the novel will contain thirty chapters. Fourteen have been posted to this point including chapter “One and a Half” so thirteen is really fourteen. Added up, their 45,000 words are slightly over half the 80,000 total I’m expecting.

Although chapter fifteen would normally be the numerically correct half-way point, as the story gets closer to the end, chapters will become shorter as the action speeds up. So, from a word count (and time to read) viewpoint, we’re halfway or even a little more along.

At this stage, the story is well into what theater fans would call Act Two. The characters are well established, several complications have arisen to challenge the main character, and so far he has proven to be, shall we say, somewhat lacking in the qualities we normally ascribe to heroes. But at the end of the second act, something is going to happen that will challenge Spence to his very core and force him to make life-altering, and life-risking decisions. How he responds to those forces and the ultimate results of his efforts will then be the third and final act of the story.

But first, the troop– Spence, Megyn and Sartaq– need to get underway to the locale of their final confrontation. And while “getting there is half the fun,” in what’s about to happen, I’m quite sure Megyn would disagree.

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