Not your job, Mr. President.

I feel for the plight of the immigrants to this country as much as anyone. They’ve (mostly) escaped to a place that will allow them to make a better life*.

But when the President oversteps his authority and attempts to make law that the Supreme Court says is not within his power to do, he should go back and read his job description — it’s in the Constitution — and then find a way to get things done legally.

Everyone has limits except Dictators.

You are the President, Mr. Obama. Act like it.

Unfortunately, Obama has such a long record of abuse that when he so much as raises a finger, the knee jerk reaction is to take exception. In this case, that “knee jerk” went all the way to SCOTUS where half of the justices agreed he had overstepped his authority.

Whose fault is that? One President or hundreds of members of Congress?

* Assuming they are willing to work hard and not abuse the public dole.

3 thoughts on “Read Your Job Description

  1. I’m not sure we know how close a major portion of OUR Constitution came to be invalidated by 4 black robes who are NOT representative of the People, but rather there to interpret the founding document. In this case, they came within 1 opinion of reducing our form of government to just 2 branches from 3. If the right person is not elected this fall, we will surely see this issue come up again and this time, if the 4 black robes get a buddy, we’re toast.

    1. Which begs the question, can we do anything about it other than cast our ballots and hope?

      Some claim that’s what the Second Amendment is for, to arm the people against a government turned tyrannical. There are even some so-called quotations from George Washington to that effect.

      But Internet research — and we all trust the Internet, right? — says George never said those things. George’s idea, according to some sources and which the corrected quotations seem to support, was to have an unpaid Army– the militia– that could help defend the country when called up to do so by the government.

      The Militia Act of 1903 formally created the US National Guard as the “chief” body of militia. That body operates at the behest of the government, not the citizenry.

      But, as defined in the US Code (link below), the total militia also includes, “the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.”

      Unfortunately, it also defines the age limits and, since I am well past the 45 year cap, that rules me out.

      1. Of course, there is *still* the argument that the Second Amendment *should* mean the people should be armed to protect themselves against their own government should it become tyrannical. Just because Congress passed a law in 1903 that seems to contravene that doesn’t mean the gun advocates are wrong. They could be right and the 1903 law unconstitutional.

        Personally, I’m hopeful 1) Trump will win and 2) he will be true to his word and what he seems to be.

        In the other case of Hillary becoming President, the United States as we know it will have ended. It’ll be time to look for a deserted island where we can do a “Robinson Crusoe.”

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