Two To Get Ready

In two chapters, I’ll be done with the first draft of Serpent’s Smile. I won’t try your patience with a list of my exposed stupidities (“Things I Learned”). That’s for me to know and not do again.

Instead, I’ll quote one of my favorite authors.

“Try … pushing through from page one to the end (no matter how crappy the writing looks to you). The first book is always a learning process, and you’ll get better as you go. When you’re done with the first book, you’ll have a choice of doing a major edit or scrapping it and starting a new story. The important thing is not to give up.”

p. 89, How I Write, Janet Evanovich

To Janet: Yes, dear. Thank you.

(Posted moments before going to my favorite writing haunt, the neighborhood bagel store. “Everything toasted, cream cheese and coffee.”)

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