Photo Feb 26, 10 20 00 AMStats are interesting.

WordPress tallies a lot of information about this website including how many times pages are viewed, where in the world those viewers are, and so forth. (No, it doesn’t capture your credit card or license plate number. At least, not that I’ve found.)

This website has been up a little over five years (August 2011) and, as of today, half of the views (50%) have been of these pages:

Rank Page Title #Hits Percent Running
1 NRA Membership Status? 1439 10.95% 10.95%
2 Pink Brass and Lemi Shine 765 5.82% 16.77%
3 DIY Eyeglass Prescriptions 622 4.73% 21.50%
4 Wet Cleaning with Stainless Steel Media 609 4.63% 26.13%
5 Brass Cleaning: Wet Dry or Both? 580 4.41% 30.55%
6 What is Flat5? 398 3.03% 33.57%
7 22 LR Ammo Velocities 385 2.93% 36.50%
8 TOZ-35M Firing Pin Spring Replacement 377 2.87% 39.37%
9 Blinking HDMI 268 2.04% 41.41%
10 Ed’s Red Notes 264 2.01% 43.42%
11 HF Portable Wire Antenna Kit 238 1.81% 45.23%
12 Trigger Length and Finger Position? 233 1.77% 47.00%
13 Easy Ammo Labels 217 1.65% 48.65%
14 Deactivating Primers? 192 1.46% 50.11%

Most of the above are related to shooting and reloading. The few exceptions detail how to buy cheap eyeglasses from China (#3), explain what the heck “flat5” means (#6), solve an annoying issue with televisions (#9), and measurements to build a portable ham radio antenna (#11).

Clearly, this website is used a lot by shooters.

But since my interests vary, it occasionally attracts others for specific topics. Search engine hits are probably bringing in a lot of them.

My newest baby, Serpent’s Smile, comes in well down the list at position #31 (not shown above). No doubt this relatively low ranking is due, at least in part, to its infancy–the chapters vary in age from less than one year to only a few months.

But the first draft status of the writing, by a writer with no experience in longer forms, is undoubtedly another detractor. The book is rough and uneven.

A re-write is in progress that will, hopefully, correct many of those defects.

Beware: The #1 most viewed page on this website, NRA Membership Status, is deceptive. It boils down to a link to check your status at the NRA. Soon after posting, however, this page started attracting SPAM. It continues to do so at a record pace. I added a disclaimer to the front of the page to try and discourage complaints that should actually be directed to the NRA. But the disclaimer, refusal to post such comments, and careful policing of the comments has had little or no effect on the SPAM.

I conclude that almost all of the hits on that page are not from real people. Instead, they’re coming from web-crawling automatons. These digital beasts methodically walk the web following links here and there. The ones that visit this page are apparently programmed to add a comment, almost always with some malicious link. Fortunately, none of these actually see the light of day. The website machinery here either automatically shunts them into the SPAM folder, or sends it to me for consideration in which case their true nature is pretty obvious and I hit the <Delete> button.

Please help yourself to the links (above) if there’s something you’ve missed, and explore the Categories and Tags you’ll find at the Home page.

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