Vintage 3″ Oscilloscope

Found this at auction for $15. No name plate and nothing to that effect inside.

It powers on and there’s a trace, but definitely needs help. If I can identify the make and model, I can they try to get a schematic. Depending on what’s gone, I may be able to “make it better.” But vacuum tubes are expensive and things like power transformers may be impossible to get. We’ll see.

Update: It looks like a variant of the US Navy OS-8/U Oscilloscope family from the 1950s. Mine appears to be an OS-8C/U model. (Here’s one of them on Ebay, manufactured by Jetronic.) It’s a general purpose instrument that’ll run on ground (60 Hz) as well as aircraft (400 Hz) power. There’s a case for them–I’ve got a feeler out but suspect the shipping is going to be more than I want to spend for what will become a shelf-display for most visitors.

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