Our domain,, was registered in 2001. We consider it to be our “family domain”. While its content is primarily written by me, Ed Skinner, my wife Anita is active in its design, and our kids and grandchildren may occasionally be noted herein.

In 2004, I started a blog about “Conventional Pistol”, an NRA-sanctioned handgun sport in which I had recently begun competing. Like many other sports, I found it to be both simple and confoundedly difficult; shooting a handgun (safely) is relatively simple but shooting it accurately is a totally different matter. So I started blogging about the experience.

Over the seven years after, I started five additional blogs on topics in which I had a significant and on-going interest. But I also discovered that as my interests varied in intensity from one month to the next, so did my blogging in each of the then six blogs. This on again, off again blogging in six independent blogs was probably frustrating to anyone who might be trying to follow any one interest.

So, in mid-2011, I decided to try one frequently updated blog with multiple categories rather than six that were occasionally — sometimes rarely — updated. I reasoned that if I was interested in several topics, perhaps some of my readers would share some of those same, multiple, interests.

Also in mid-2011, the demise of the static web site’s provider (for necessitated a move to a new provider.

I therefore decided that everything, blogs and static pages, should all be consolidated into one place. This domain,, was the logical choice. It belongs to us and we can move and populate it as we wish.

I chose a WordPress-based blog running on an independent web-hosting service. That combination gives the most flexibility and freedom to determine the best “look and feel” possible. And it supports both our old static web pages as well as the six blogs. (The blogs are classified through Categories now.)

We hope you enjoy your visits here!