Ed and Anita


Writing software and, later, teaching have dominated my working years. Early on, I specialized in what has since become known as embedded real-time systems. My current employer is a Silicon Valley company and that job puts me on the road around North America and occasionally overseas.


Anita is very active with the family but has other interests including reborning and the occasional gig as a jazz vocalist.

Our Background

We are originally from Memphis Tennessee where we were born and raised. We married there and had our first child.

We moved to Arizona in the early 1970s which has been our home ever since — except for one really cold winter in Rome New York because I forgot just how nice Arizona is. [Yes, dear, you were right.] Our second child was born in Phoenix and both kids went to school and graduated from college here. They are now both married and have families of their own so, yes, we now have grandchildren. [Oh my!]


You can reach me by email: ed@flat5.net.

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