Why Camp Perry?

The first full week after July 4th, precision pistol shooters from across the US and overseas gather for the national championships at the National Guard’s Camp Perry Ohio facility on the south shore of Lake Erie. Numbering 600-800 annually, they shoot NRA and CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) events in more than a dozen combinations of […]

ITAR Abuse

I’ve worked according to ITAR rules for many years. Each of those years, I attended mandatory training which included a moderately comprehensive examination. Over those years, I have taught highly technical and sometimes defense-related topics in the United States and overseas to citizens of many countries including some to which the ITAR regulations applied “first […]

Bullseye Multitasking

  When shooting Bullseye, there are five things you must do: Focus attention on the red dot or the front sight, and Maintain continuous awareness of where it is relative to the black bullseye, and Maintain a strong and steady grip, and Move the trigger smoothly straight back, and Don’t think. #1 and #2 feed information into whatever […]

L Match Ego Booster

Yes, it was an L Match but, hey, clean is CLEAN! This is my second target in the Slow Fire match and, with all ten shots in the 10 ring or better, that makes it a clean target. Some might dispute the 6 o’clock hole — does it touch the X ring? But a quick […]

Granddaughter’s First 900

One of my granddaughters is a college Sophomore who has received a small amount of instruction on handguns, rifles and shotguns. Because she follows instructions, she does quite well when plinking. But shooting in competition with a group and having her target scored by a stranger, well, that sometimes befuddles newcomers. Home for spring break, her […]

Bullseye Resurrection

After a 50 week hiatus for many reasons, I’m back to shooting Bullseye. After a 900 L-Match this morning, we shot a Bullseye 22 caliber 900 at the short line and, while my scores are down a full classification from what they were a year ago, the rudiments were all in evidence in what I […]

Twelve Minutes

“When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away.” Twelve, to be precise. This evening after coming home to an empty house, I heard noises of something in the still dark master bedroom at the back of the house. It sounded like someone rummaging about in one of the closets. Moving away from the bedroom, […]

Shooting the Shooting Match

For the past several years, I’ve been tasked with taking pictures of the Desert Midwinter competition in Phoenix and I’ve learned a couple of things others might find helpful. Note that I am not a professional photographer. My equipment consists of a point-and-shoot digital camera with about 5-8 megapixels resolution. I only use two features […]

10 Years in Bullseye

I fired my first Bullseye competition ten years ago. In that time, I’ve learned a couple of things. It’s hard but can be done. The 7X target seen here was accomplished at the national championships in 2013. Looking at it two years later, I see only the 7Xs. I don’t see the 9, the 8 nor […]