Monday Quiz

Do you have some old slide pictures from previous generations? If so, you should scan and make digital copies as soon as you can because the dyes and physical make up of those old films are now beyond their expected lifetime. (Black and white prints, if processed and then stored correctly, have a considerably longer lifetime.)

The failures seen in this quiz are characteristic to certain brands of film. Having a rough idea of when those films were popular versus their typical failings and prejudices will be helpful when answering these questions.

Hint: After clicking your answer but before clicking “Submit”, “Show Answer” appear at that point — click it! If you wish to revise your selection, you can do so before clicking “Submit”.

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He Said, She Said

She: Does it bother you I have so many male friends on Facebook?

He: No, dear. [pause] Does it bother you that I pick up sluts on business trips?

She: Did you say, “slots”? You know I don’t like you to gamble!

He: Uhm, … OK, I won’t.


She: Love you.

He: Love you, too.

Family Genealogy Website is Up

The family genealogy website ( contains any/all individuals connected to our family.

Visitors (the general public) will be able to view only some of our details. The displayed information will be restricted to the dearly departed. Information about living family members is available only to registered users, and registration is strictly limited to family members.

If you are connected in any way to those in the family tree, then you are “family” and can register. Go to and click “Login” in the upper-right corner to begin the process.