Terrible Taco Teaser

Whose tacos are worse, Jack In The Box’s hope-there’s-no-one-blocking-the-crapper gut bombs, or the new-kid-on-the-block tacos from Burger King? But first, can you guess which is which? (Trust me. Neither vendor’s product comes across the counter like these!) In my personal review, I’ll say that the tooth-busting, Bakelite-plastic shells of both are darn close and, even […]


Counting today, I have five work days to go until retirement. At work, a “show stopper” was removed from the main effort I need to finish before leaving so I’m suddenly “up to here” with things I can accomplish. Consequently, the work-days this week — today, tomorrow and then Friday — should pass very quickly. […]

Skinny Skinner

Many, many years ago, that was my nickname — skinny Skinner. I was the proverbial 98 pound weakling. Even after entering the work force, my weight stayed at 125 pounds. Looking back, I remember eating a lot of meat and vegetables but practically no bread, pasta or other grains. Mom and Dad would occasionally push […]

Maine (well, NH, actually) Lobster

A whole lobster is not necessarily a big meal. This one was 1.25 lb. but next time I’ll move up to 1.5 lbs. And have more butter and beer. And maybe a side. Maybe. If you’re pressed for time, you can turn in your lobster order — they take about 15 minutes to boil — […]

Omakase, Please

… means you will let the chef decide. In a good place, this promises a fabulous dinner and, almost always, a significant learning experience. In a bad place, … well, hopefully you will reserve the commitment only for special places. Sushi Style is one such place. You can confidently expect a truly phenomenal meal! My […]


As near as I can translate it, God said, There’s a whole Universe for you to explore and enjoy. You have the necessary abilities. You have each other for solace, comfort, companionship and help. It’s real, it’s big, it’s exciting. There are dangers and beauties at every place of every size and subtlety. Use everything […]

Captain Bill’s, Bay Shore NY

Captain Bill’s, 122 Ocean Ave, Bay Shore (Long Island), NY. The view was great and the food, other than the desert, was excellent but I have to say that the sum of the experience was not much more than an upscale Red Lobster. The server was slow and the kitchen uncooperative of menu changes. While […]

Hildegard’s in Huntsville Alabama

If Werner von Braun were still here, Hildegard’s is where he’d go for comfort food. There are ten tables, one of which seats six, but that includes several deuces and a bar that seats four. At best, 45 customers at one time is the limit. It’s a small place. “A Spatzen Octoberfest to start, please, […]

Better BBQ

Barbequed pork, chicken, sausage – plain and spicey – and a beef brisket to die for, scrumptous mild and hot sauces, and plus the best beans I’ve ever had (sorry, dear) and potato salad (OK, not as good as the wife’s, but darn close) and … … I’m so full I can’t remember what else […]