Houston, We Have A Problem

The log in our family firewall caught one of our home computers assaulting another one with three packets. It’s called a “Denial of Service” attack and it comes from a virus, affectionately named as you can see in the snippet above, “Smurf”. Three packets won’t, in themselves, cause a problem. The targeted computer will look, […]

RSS Feed

I’ve added a link to the RSS feeds, both for articles and/or comments, for this blog. It’s at the top of the “sidebar” which appears either on the right if your display is wide enough, or after all the articles on narrow displays and mobile devices. Look for the usual orange icons and click to […]

House Cleaning

Backed up the blog, updated WordPress, the twenty-eleven theme and the plugins. Removed duplicated header images and deleted two empties before adding a couple of new ones. Added notes about removing extraneous images to the About, … History page.

We’ve Arrived!

This website is our new family home. It’s also the new home for all the blogs I’ve been writing the last seven years. All six (6) of the old *.blogspot.com blogs have been copied, in their entirety, to this new location. And, for each of those 300+ entries, they have been classified into Categories. On […]