Year Nine

In my forty-odd years of employment, I kept a list of things I wanted to do, but for reasons of expense or time, I had to put off. “Fly an airplane” was one of them. “Write a novel” was another. When I retired at the beginning of 2015, I reviewed the list. Some things were […]

Inside or Outside?

Housing prices in Phoenix have skyrocketed with the influx of Californians. With their excess cash, they are “California-ing” the houses including the addition of concrete block fencing in front of the house, and sometimes all the way across the front of the property, albeit a low one. For now. They’re beginning to remind of me […]

It’s 1984 Again

Big Brother is watching you. Or to be precise, he’s watching your Android phone. Specifically, if you have an Android cell phone and have shopped for any new app, then you’ll have a Google account. There, you can find all sorts of useful things like email, maps, spread sheets and, it turns out, where you were […]

Salt River Canyon

Two versions are available, Vimeo and Youtube. Vimeo, if you click the “HD” indicator, will be the best available quality. Youtube, on the other hand, will require the least bandwidth. Vimeo (Click the “HD” icon for best quality) YouTube

Soon It’s Gonna Rain

So go the lyrics to a song from The Fantastics. I know because I sang them in a local production many years ago. Acting is but one of my many diversions. Music another. Similarly, Bullseye, ham radio, genealogy and the writing of non-fiction are others. Retired as of the first of the year, my plan […]

Osaka Business Hotel

While cleaning up my work-office-at-home, I found a few memories that challenge a neat and tidy filing. The purpose of these cards slipped under my hotel room door in Osaka Japan is obvious even if you don’t read the language. I had asked my client in Osaka to choose a “Japanese business man’s hotel” for […]

My Neighborhood

Picardy was the center of my universe growing up. We played, fought, slept and discovered much of life there. That was in the 1950s. World War II was a very fresh memory for the adults back then. Segregation was commonplace. And the social and economic classes of the time were readily apparent. Picardy Place, later Picardy […]

Hatching a Haboob

Warm air rises and, as it does, it cools and condenses. It then falls but may not reach the surface. That moisture, now warmed and perhaps boosted by more warm air from the surroundings, rises again. Virga – an observable streak or shaft of precipitation that falls from a cloud but evaporates or sublimes before […]