Serpent’s Smile – Overview


DSCN2245_croppedIn this international thriller, Blake Spencer is a trouble-shooting software engineer on paid assignment in Wuhan, China. Hired to teach two five-day seminars at the University, between the two sessions he goes geocaching on the weekend and stumbles into a gruesome murder. Ready to run, his Chinese girlfriend who hired him to teach the classes and, at the last minute, accompanied him on the trip, convinces him to stay and complete his contract.

Late in the second week, an on-campus terrorist bombing and then the kidnapping of his romantic interest propel him to Singapore where he has to make a momentous decision on the roof of the spectacular Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Posting and Publication

An early draft of the novel was posted on this website, one chapter per week, starting in November 2015. The climax and epilog went up the following August making a total of thirty four chapters. The first draft was removed from the website in mid-September 2017 when a re-write began. (The first draft is no longer available.)

My thanks to all my readers for their comments and suggestions.