Serpent’s Smile – Overview


This free version of the novel will be removed on September 15th.


DSCN2245_croppedIn this international thriller, Spencer Blake is a trouble-shooting software engineer on paid assignment in Wuhan, China where he is teaching a pair of seminars at the University. On the weekend, he goes geocaching but stumbles into a gruesome murder.

The situation escalates with an on-campus bombing that draws him, when his romantic interest is kidnapped, to a spectacular climax atop the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.

Posting and Publication

The first draft of the novel was posted, one chapter per week, starting in November 2015. The climax and epilog went up the following August making a total of thirty four chapters.

Readers of that first draft should expect an early stage of development.

The editing process that follows is expected to make significant changes in length and content but not in the overall story.

As the spirit moves the author, additional posts may appear from time to time concerning the process of writing the novel including research, writing drafts, editing, reviewing and publication issues.

Reader comments are welcome on all chapters and aspects of the story and the general process of writing, editing and publication.

All materials are © Copyright 2015-2016 by Ed Skinner. All rights reserved.

First Draft
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September 15th)
The Process