Don’t Charge Hillary Yet

If Hillary is charged while Obama is in office, he can pardon her of any such crimes. That’s what Ford did for Nixon – click to read.

But once Obama is out, and even if Hillary is in the White House, then she’s stuck.

And while Obama could issue a pardon now, doing so would be tantamount to saying she is guilty. That would undoubtedly affect the election.

Any criminal charges against Hillary must, therefore, wait until after Obama leaves office.

Get Out Of Jail Free


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Hillary’s ticket out? I quote: The Obama Administration has begun a systematic examination of its national security classification policies, known as the Fundamental Classification Guidance Review (FCGR), in an effort to eliminate obsolete classification requirements and to reduce national security … Continue reading

Serpent’s Smile on Break for Two Weeks

I’m doing some consulting work ($$) for a couple of weeks.

Spence, Megyn and Sartaq will, therefore, enjoy some down time. They will re-animate on Saturday, March 19th.

FYI: If you poked your nose in here earlier today and read “Chapter Twelve – Pressure” but don’t see it now, that’s ’cause when I tried to do a quick pass for punctuation errors, I ended up filling every page with red ink. That much blood means it needs major surgery. Until that happens, I’ve retracted it. The chapter is now sulking in the corner and licking its wounds. To those who read it earlier this morning before I pulled it, rest assured the intestinal distress will soon pass. Just keep the windows open.