Twenty Seven: Police Preparations and Then Some


In this chapter: Spence arrives at the hotel several hours before dawn. He’s briefed and sees the Police preparations. Initially impressed with their technology and thoroughness, it is soon clear they have to be focused on stopping the terrorists. Megyn comes second in their planning. Spence decides to take matters in his own hands. Continue reading

Twenty Six: Gun Cleaning, Beer and Bombs


In this chapter: In idle conversation, Mickey describes one of his current cases involves credit card fraud. Only mildly interested, Spence asks to see a video they have of the perpetrator. Spence recognizes Sartaq and, in the next several minutes, realizes an attack on the hotel is imminent. Spence tells Mickey everything. Ultimately, they realize that while Spence is focused on saving Megyn, Mickey’s priority has to be stopping the bombing. Megyn could be lost. Continue reading

Twenty Five: Freedom in Singapore


In this chapter: Sartaq, Lili and the five suicide bombers reach Singapore. After checking in at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Lili secretly orders room service for dinner and a new wardrobe to replace what she’s been wearing for eleven days. Sleeping in a real bed again, Sartaq is besieged by emotions he’s never experienced before. And tomorrow, all but he will die. Continue reading

Don’t Charge Hillary Yet

If Hillary is charged while Obama is in office, he can pardon her of any such crimes. That’s what Ford did for Nixon – click to read.

But once Obama is out, and even if Hillary is in the White House, then she’s stuck.

And while Obama could issue a pardon now, doing so would be tantamount to saying she is guilty. That would undoubtedly affect the election.

Any criminal charges against Hillary must, therefore, wait until after Obama leaves office.