Family Air Pistol

L to R: Daniel (firing), myself, Makella, daughter Mary, her husband Scott, and on the swing are Elijah and Melissa (Click for larger) I’ve written before about solo shooting in my backyard air pistol range. It’s good iron sight work and, with next to no recoil, it’s a good way to practice that smooth release. […]

6:00 AM AP 600

For the next several months the high will be at or in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit here in Phoenix. Consequently, I’ll be shooting a “6:00 AM AP 600” which, as the title suggests, is an international (Olympic-style) 600 with the air pistol (AP) starting every day at 6:00 AM. At that time of day, […]

AP in England

Yes, you can shoot in the England but, if you want to shoot handgun, it’s going to be either air pistol (AP) or black powder. I was there for a week on business and checked the local clubs. The Marlow (Berkshire) Rifle and Pistol Club’s website listed Monday evening air pistol and, after swapping emails […]

Clubs and Ranges

My work has me on the road a lot and, when possible, I try to get in some range time. Here are the clubs and ranges I’ve visited, both here in Phoenix and while traveling. Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, Phoenix AZ. My “home” range. Except in the hottest summer months, there is an authorized […]

Backyard 600

First things first. I called the City of Phoenix Police Department and asked if it was OK to shoot air pistols within the city limits. “As long as you do so safely, yes it is.” So I scouted out the backyard and found a good ISSF dimensioned air pistol range with a safe backstop, the […]