Encinal Yacht Club, Day #2

Encinal Yacht Club, Day #2 What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was bright and sunny but this morning the fog is jammed down hard on the surface. But I must add this is minor compared to the fog I encountered near Poole, England on the channel. The fog was so thick there it was […]

Encinal Yacht Club, Day #1

Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda CA The fog has lifted. Today is sunny and the morning sun on the yachts as well as the wings of the pelicans is warm and spectacular. Snow-encumbered Chicagoans, eat your hearts out!

Special Meat Dumplings

Thanksgiving is over and I’m back on the road but not to teach. Instead, I get to update the master images of the computers we use in the classroom with new licenses for next year. At the moment, I’m in the corporate headquarters in the bay area making disk space in which to work. I’ve […]