HF Portable Wire Antenna Kit

One of my passions is experimenting with antennas, wire antennas for HF to be precise. I want to be able to improvise and adapt to the situation at hand whether I’m at home, traveling on business, or hiking in the desert or deep forest. Here’s my set of requirements for HF portable antennas: Usable on […]

Attic Crawling

… is for younger men. Regardless, the 40M and 20M dipoles are now installed in the attic. I left a little slippage so that, hopefully, tuning of arm lengths can be done at the feed point — I sure don’t want to crawl out to the end points again. [Phew!] All the boards for the […]

Residence Antenna Plan

My wife and I live in Phoenix in a 1960 city-size lot. I mention the year because city lots have shrunk in the past couple of years and our 100’x105′ property seems large by comparison. But with the sparsity of trees in Phoenix and keeping in mind that 80 meter wavelength I’d like to be […]