Desert Midwinter 2013, Day #4 of 4

The shots have all been fired and the scores tallied. Four Springfield Armory 1911s, one for each category, were awarded to the top shooters over the 3600 (2700 plus the service pistol 900) point competition. I don’t have the names of the winners nor their scores, sorry, but suffice to say that two of the […]

Desert Midwinter 2013, Day #3 of 4

There are two parts to this evening’s post: a lament and a quiz (below the mark). First, the weepings of my tortured soul. It is clear after today’s “performance” with the ball gun that every gun is different and must be learned on its own. While there are many skills that overlap, there are many […]

Desert Midwinter 2013, Day #2 of 4

If the bullet — not the hole but “the bullet” — touches an inner line, the shooter gets the better score. Because paper is somewhat flexible, it stretches when the bullet passes through and then shrinks back. The resulting hole is, because of this slight elasticity, slightly smaller than the bullet. Hence, the rule described […]

Desert Midwinter 2013, Day #1 of 4

In the first of the four days of the Conventional portion of the 2013 Desert Midwinter Competition in Phoenix Arizona, there were two relays on Thursday morning, International Center Fire and then Conventional Service Pistol. The former marks the end of the International format competition, and the latter is the beginning of the Conventional. The […]

2013 Desert Midwinter

The official bulletins for the 2013 Desert Midwinter Competition including International and Conventional formats, Service Pistol, EIC and Distinguished Revolver are available below. International Championship (Feb 20-21, 2013) Service Pistol and Revolver Matches (Feb 21 and 24, respectively) Conventional Championship (Feb 22-24, 2013) The bulletins are also available on the club’s web site in the […]

Desert Midwinter 2012: All Pictures

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