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Today is a travel day, driving from Huntsville to Nashville and then flying home on Southwest. But before that I must get three weeks of travel receipts on its way to Alameda because there are no reimbursements until after they’ve seen them. The on-line expense reports are all in and approved but they won’t cut […]

Cajun Cafe

After work, I drove south from Huntsville Alabama a handful of miles to where highway 231 crosses the Tennessee River. “Maybe there’ll be an interesting restaurant,” I thought. And, yup, just after crossing the bridge, there it was, the Cajun Cafe. Small, dumpy, with red Christmas lights hanging from the eaves and a stray white cat […]

Special Meat Dumplings

Thanksgiving is over and I’m back on the road but not to teach. Instead, I get to update the master images of the computers we use in the classroom with new licenses for next year. At the moment, I’m in the corporate headquarters in the bay area making disk space in which to work. I’ve […]

Drive or Fly?

We’re just back from LA. I say “we” because my wife went along for this trip, too. (Sounds like she’s got the “wanderlust” after our east coast trip?) The class was in the main part of LA, a couple of miles south of LAX and within two miles of the ocean. Looking at the location, […]

Amici Miei

With several strong recommendations, my business associate and I went to this old town Pizzaria for the real thing, true Italian pizza. “You want the Salsiccia E Friarielli pizza,” I was told. “It’s the original.” This is basically a sausage pizza with an unusual (to me) but wonderful green vegetable, the friarielli. You can’t see […]

Trattoria della Posta

Trattoria della Posta After the long airplane ride from Phoenix to Philadelphia, to Rome Italy, and then up to Turin (“Torino”) Italy, it was very nice to find a small neighborhood restaurant (“Trattoria”) within walking distance of the hotel. Before leaving the states, I had used Google Earth to find nearby places and then Google’s […]

The Shire Horse, near Littlewick Green, Berkshire, UK

Sunday dinner, like all evening meals when I’m jet-lagging, is an appetizer. No more than that. That and a cider, of course. I drove past The Shire Horse on the way to the hotel. The Shire’s “car park” was nearly full at the time, midday Saturday. That spoke well for the place. And Sunday evening […]

Eating in Atlanta

I was really impressed with Atlanta. The company at which I taught the four day class did not have any place to eat so I went out for lunch each day and was accompanied by some of the students on three of those days. One of them, John, had some strong ideas about places to […]