Good Enough For Now

1911 Trigger and Harp with Trigger Stop Screw Removed The rules of the Bullseye sport allow considerable latitude in equipment and technique. And there are certain items and practices that improve one’s ability to hit the center of the target. These include for most shooters but not all Red dot, Good stance, Focus (of attention […]

Relative Importances

To my article, “Be A Straight Shooter“, an anonymous reader objected: “Is it my understanding that a Sharpshooter is suggesting that everyone else is standing wrong?” That comment admittedly raised my hackles, initially because the author chose to remain anonymous, but after I had slept on it I had to admit it bothered me because […]


I skipped coffee in the interest of stability. Maybe that’s what I did wrong. I ate a high-protein breakfast 90 minutes before first shot so my brain would have the needed molecules for concentration. Maybe that’s what I did wrong. I disassembled, wiped down and otherwise lightly cleaned the wadder the night before. Maybe that’s […]

Watchin’ the Front Sight

It’s working. Six weeks ago I removed the red dots from all my guns because, with the dot, I found the urge to snatch a shot as the dot approached the “X” to be irresistable. Invariably, I would jerk the shot elsewhere on the target. No amount of self-talk was able to sway me into […]

No More Dots!

It’s gonna be the hard way, now: Iron sights and nothing but. For weeks now I’ve had the growing suspicion that I’m snatching my shots when using a red dot. I will raise the gun, settle into position, think I’m starting the trigger and focus on the dot. If that was really happening, I wouldn’t […]

Getting Started

Background After going pistol shooting with some co-workers, I became interested in target shooting. My first pistol was a Ruger New Model Blackhawk in .357 calibre with the stainless steel finish. I immediately liked the really big noise that it made and ran through a couple of boxes of ammunition before deciding that 1) this […]