What is Human?

As I’ve been writing up the details of different individuals for our genealogy website, there are times when the question of censorship comes up. For example, the comment, “He was an alcoholic and womanizer,” may have been stated by someone and recorded in the raw notes that I review. Does that belong in the family […]

Family Genealogy Website is Up

The family genealogy website (http://www.downofathistle.org) contains any/all individuals connected to our family. Visitors (the general public) will be able to view only some of our details. The displayed information will be restricted to the dearly departed. Information about living family members is available only to registered users, and registration is strictly limited to family members. […]

Family Genealogy Website

This entry is addressed primarily to my immediate family members but I’m posting it here to also welcome comments from anyone who cares to contribute or who might be interested in doing the same. – – – In the next several weeks, I’m planning on starting a “Private” website that will contain our family genealogy. […]

Guinevere’s Rock

There are many, sometimes conflicting, King Arthur stories. Mine is true and accurate, of course. One of my ancestor families, the Watsons, moved from Scotland to Canada around 1855. They met and intermarried with Skinners who had emigrated from the tiny village of Marwood in Devonshire in the west of England near where the story […]