Democracy or Republic or … What?

Ed Rasimus is a retired Air Force jet jock who now teaches history in public schools. And he writes a blog. In the article linked below, Ed answers a request I made to explain the difference between a democracy, a republic, and what we have. In providing that answer, he enables us to go further, […]

Solitary Rights

The most fundamental rights do not require others; they are solitary rights. We exercise them without assistance. I will call these our solitary or primary rights. The freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is, perhaps, the most fundamental expression of those rights. In the US Constitution, the first ten amendments are also […]

History Lesson

What triggered the hostilities at this otherwise serene place on the edge of Concord was when the government took arms against its citizens. The “shot heard around the world” was fired when British troops marched into Massachusetts to seize the weapons amassed by the farmers and shopkeepers. This was after years of peaceful objections to […]


The Declaration of Independence was motivated by the long series of grievances the colonists suffered from, at that time, their monarch. He didn’t listen.

How Long Does a Revolution Take?

News of Muammar Qaddafi’s death signals the end of that dictator’s regime. For Libya, a provisional government is now being formed. That temporary government will, in addition to the day to day work of running a country, determine the permanent government to ultimately assume control. How long is that likely to take? For comparison, here […]
X is greater than Y

More Equal Than You

The Declaration of Independence says, “… all men are created equal …” Most Americans would agree that this is one of their core beliefs. I do. But after that instant of creation, things change. You and I may not be so equal a few years down the road. If someone commits a crime, we (society) […]

It’s not a Democracy …

In a recent conference call for work, an Israeli immigrant to Canada said the United States was a democracy. I started to correct, “It’s not a democracy, …” Laughter interrupted me. The other participants made comments about the current state of US politics and more chuckles were heard. This went on for a minute or […]


Continental Congress Here’s how it’s supposed to work. There are three parts of our government: the legislative branch, the executive branch and the judicial branch. Each one is intended to keep the other two in check and permit change only when all three are in agreement. The Congress can make new laws. The President can […]


Crew of Nemo I am bankrupt. I can never repay the debt. What these men — and women — sacrificed is beyond my ability to restore to them. Indeed, it is without any doubt beyond my ability to comprehend what they gave up, what they lost, what was taken from them, and what they gave. […]