Good Enough For Now

1911 Trigger and Harp with Trigger Stop Screw Removed The rules of the Bullseye sport allow considerable latitude in equipment and technique. And there are certain items and practices that improve one’s ability to hit the center of the target. These include for most shooters but not all Red dot, Good stance, Focus (of attention […]

Christkind ’08

KN: Nill-Grips on My Wadder I don’t know how Christkind got into my gun safe last night after making the long trek from Germany (via Battleboro Vermont) — maybe Santa was there to supervise — but regardless, these new grips sure dress up my otherwise “functional” wad gun. “The Christkind is a sprite-like child, usually […]

Relative Importances

To my article, “Be A Straight Shooter“, an anonymous reader objected: “Is it my understanding that a Sharpshooter is suggesting that everyone else is standing wrong?” That comment admittedly raised my hackles, initially because the author chose to remain anonymous, but after I had slept on it I had to admit it bothered me because […]

When Zins Speaks, …

Brian Zins has won the US national bullseye (Conventional Pistol) competition at Camp Perry Ohio more times than most of us have shot Xs in a single target. Understandably, when Brian speaks, bullseye shooters listen. Not long ago, Brian wrote to the bullseye-l mailing list about his grip. He said, From: Zins GySgt Brian H […]

Stiff Arm

Last Sunday night, after shooting the 50 foot targets for the NRA Postal where my unofficial score was 534-6 out of 600-40 (there is no X ring in the two 50 foot Slow Fire targets) with a 96-3 on one of the Rapid Fire targets — not too shabby for this Marksman — a couple […]

Look Ma, No Hands!

Shooting, I’m beginning to suspect, is like riding a bicycle. Intellectually you know what you have to do but as long as you have to think about it, you’re gonna crash. I shot only my 22 at first but, a few months ago, decided to start working on the 45. I wanted to do the […]

Arm Strength

Email posted to Bullseye-L I have been surprised to find out, and I’m maybe even a little embarassed to admit, how important arm, and especially shoulder, strength is in all this. Seems obvious to me now but … I keep a small handweight (3 lb. but am now thinking 5 lb. would be better) at […]