Sex for Ammo?

After this past Sunday’s short-course 2700 in south Phoenix, I was driving home and stopped at a convenience store for a snack. As some of my boxes of ammunition were on the passenger seat, I kept a close eye on the car while in the market. Sure enough, a young and rather attractive blonde started […]

Aliens In The Sonoran Desert

We saw this diaper-clad youngster in the desert between Scottsdale and Cave Creek. I presume he had broken away from the adults on a recent landing and when they discover he is missing, the saucer will return to beam him up. But, from the looks of what’s happening in this picture, I fear the dreaded […]

Road# = Speed Limit

Here’s a new — hypothetical, don’t do it for real — game. The rules are simple. On numbered roads, whether expressed in numbers or written out, the speed limit will be that road’s number. I live close to 1st Ave where the “limit” would therefore be 1 MPH. Not a speedy choice. On named roads, […]

Two-handed Eating

Hold it right there! Left hand, fork. Right hand, knife. No switching. Just cut and eat, cut and eat. They’re doin’ it that way in Brazil, they do it that way in Poland, they do it all over the European continent and who knows how many other places where people eat with forks and knives. […]

Annual Physical and Tin Hats

They took blood samples this morning and, because my Dad was an MD — thoracic (pronounced “thor-ass-sick”!) surgeon — I’m always curious about the “stuff” in examining rooms. As the tech drew my blood, I spotted this set of supply drawers and the juxtaposition of the two items in that second drawer caught my attention. […]

Fast Eddie’s Wisdom

S is fun. Then come M and T; they’re the hardest. Skip three and it’s the other S or “Honey Do” day. But those three that are skipped, they’re WTF.

Tool Band-it Open Carry

The “Tool Band-it” I got in my Christmas Stocking is taking “Open Carry” to a whole new level. It’s a strap-on bunch of magnets, originally intended to hang on to nuts and bolts but here you can see it does just great with a set of channel plyers, my NRA knife, S&W 36 snubby and […]

Multiple Shots in Slow Fire

Although rare, I’ve seen top Bullseye shooters getting off more than one round on the same rise of the arm in Slow Fire. Asking different shooters gets different responses as to the “when and why” but the typical answer is usually about the collective condition of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and grip. So I found […]


I just love engineers. I’m teaching a “remote” class through the web and by telephone this week. I can “see” the computers on which the attendees are working the lab instructions we provide. Over the phone I hear a strong Russian accent: “Dees instruooctions not correkt. Dey are wrong! Dees system is broken. It kannot […]