Jail Break iPad2 Notes

I jail-broke my iPad2 several weeks ago and, in that time, I’ve only come across one application that no longer works, the DirecTv app. All others appear to be completely normal. I can live without DirecTv on my iPad. As you probably know, I’m a software guy and, frankly, I was curious to see just […]

Copying DVDs to the iPad

I love my iPad2 on long flights. Other than during takeoff and landing, I will often have it on the whole time. And while I have lots of “apps” for work and amusement, when it comes right down to it, I watch movies more than anything else while flying. I could purchase movies from iTunes […]

Bulb Burnout Monitor

The 12V light bulbs on the underside of our kitchen cabinets drop (go dark) like a nest of wasps hit with Raid Wasp and Hornet spray — bunches of them drop all at once. Is it a voltage surge? Is it because of a mechanical “whack” of a cabinet door? To find out — and […]

… Since Sliced Bread

If you travel a little or a lot, there’s a huge amount of help you could be getting, and it’s free. Perhaps you are already using it. Regardless, for me, it’s a life saver. It’s Google-Earth. I use it to scout out places I’m going to visit and get a peek at what things look […]