Amici Miei

With several strong recommendations, my business associate and I went to this old town Pizzaria for the real thing, true Italian pizza. “You want the Salsiccia E Friarielli pizza,” I was told. “It’s the original.” This is basically a sausage pizza with an unusual (to me) but wonderful green vegetable, the friarielli. You can’t see […]

Trattoria della Posta

Trattoria della Posta After the long airplane ride from Phoenix to Philadelphia, to Rome Italy, and then up to Turin (“Torino”) Italy, it was very nice to find a small neighborhood restaurant (“Trattoria”) within walking distance of the hotel. Before leaving the states, I had used Google Earth to find nearby places and then Google’s […]

Check Pilot

In-transit time: 25 hours Flights: Phoenix to Philadelphia, to Rome, to Turin Seats: Middle, aisle, aisle I’m the “check pilot” for the instructor that will do the actual teaching this week. My job is to back him up, help in the labs, and at the end, say if he’s able to teach this class on […]