Origin of the Christian Church for Contemporary Readers

This story takes place in three big steps. The first is centered on Jesus, His teachings and crucifixion. Part One – Jesus Politically speaking, the Jews and the Romans in the middle east had worked out a mutual living agreement. Basically the Jews would respect Roman Law — pay taxes, etc. — and the Romans […]

Divine Intercession

Just as a parent is sometimes surprised, or horrified, at something his/her child may do, so too is God sometimes pleased and sometimes unhappy with our choices. So imagine, if you will, the lush Eden with the Biblical first two humans, Adam and Eve or, if you would prefer, then imagine a verdant area in […]

Denver Bible Church, Bob Enyart, Open Theism

Bob Enyart of the Denver Bible Church is a proponent of both Open Theism and Bible-based Christian teachings. But to me and my admittedly incomplete understanding of both, “Bible Church” and “Open Theism” seem to be at odds with each other. I mean, doesn’t the Bible teach that God is all powerful and all knowing? […]

Okay, I’m Convinced

I’ve searched the New Testament. I’ve studied commentaries, read blogs and corresponded with some of the authors. And I’ve googled the web, searched out those who disagree, read and cross-checked their statements. And I’ve come to one undeniable conclusion: Jesus would never sanction, advocate or even “turn a blind eye to” the use of life-threatening […]

Do I Believe … ? (Part Two)

Do I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Yes, but in a sense we all are. We are all His creation, after all. But I know what most people mean and I’m being evasive. The fact of the matter is, I just plain don’t know. I read what the Bible says and I […]

Do I Believe … ? (Part One)

Here is my answer to a predictable question. Do I believe in God? Yes, without any doubt whatsoever. This is both a felt-belief and a reasoned-belief. For the reasoning belief, I believe in God because life is finite, we are born and then we die, because everything I experience is cause and effect and I […]