John Zurek

In Sunday’s NRA Registered Bullseye 2700 at the Phoenix Rod & Gun Club, John Zurek raised the mark on three National* records in the Civilian, Outdoor category: 199-11x – Slow Fire Match, Center Fire (199-10x, D R Young, Winterburn CN, 06/20/1976) 895-56x – Center Fire 900 (893-55x, D R Young, Winterburn CN, 06/20/1976) 2679-167x – […]

Zurek vs Henderson Sunday

(Sunday Weather Alert: 56 degree high, 90% rain, 25 MPH winds!) Word has it that four AMU shooters including national champion Jim Henderson, will be at this Sunday’s 2700. John Zurek will be up from Tucson for the match and give Jim a good race to the finish. First shot at the Phoenix Rod and […]

Day 4 of 4, 45 Caliber and Leg Match

Before Little things: John occasionally brings sweets — donuts, cupcakes, etc. — but won’t touch them himself until the match is over; Younger shooters (that’s younger than 50 or so) are more passionate in their frustration and can become borderline reckless if their handguns jam more than once — keep an eye on them; Renold […]

Day 3 of 4, Center Fire

Before Today and tomorrow are the days in which my concentration — and repetition — need to be at their best. I will do the same things as yesterday but with a more challenging gun. Today we shoot the individual Center Fire matches in the morning, and then the team Center Fire and team 45 […]

Relative Importances

To my article, “Be A Straight Shooter“, an anonymous reader objected: “Is it my understanding that a Sharpshooter is suggesting that everyone else is standing wrong?” That comment admittedly raised my hackles, initially because the author chose to remain anonymous, but after I had slept on it I had to admit it bothered me because […]

When Zins Speaks, …

Brian Zins has won the US national bullseye (Conventional Pistol) competition at Camp Perry Ohio more times than most of us have shot Xs in a single target. Understandably, when Brian speaks, bullseye shooters listen. Not long ago, Brian wrote to the bullseye-l mailing list about his grip. He said, From: Zins GySgt Brian H […]

Someone Is Watching You!

Inspiration is a great motivator. I’ve shot Bullseye at a lot of clubs around the US and, in every case, there were better shooters than myself on the line. I’ve been whipped, and I’ve been whipped a lot. For beginners, Bullseye can be a humbling experience. But if you swallow your pride and pay attention, […]

Stiff Arm

Last Sunday night, after shooting the 50 foot targets for the NRA Postal where my unofficial score was 534-6 out of 600-40 (there is no X ring in the two 50 foot Slow Fire targets) with a 96-3 on one of the Rapid Fire targets — not too shabby for this Marksman — a couple […]