Cooking Up Plutonium-238

Somewhere between 1995 and 2000, I was sent to teach a pSOS+ class to Westinghouse engineers in Savannah, Georgia. At the time, the debate between Assembler-language versus C for application programming was still hot and heavy. Programs written in Assembler took longer to develop and had more bugs to detect, ferret out, and correct, but […]

Geek Alert: Raspberry Pi

For the geeky types out there, are you watching Raspberry Pi? It’s a credit card sized Linux board for $25 (or $35 with more RAM). The size is pretty much limited by the connectors which include an HDMI output for your 66″ digital television. Although intended for use in educational settings, my guess is the […]

Open Source Isn’t Cheap

The GNU Project, whose mascot appears here, started something commonly known as the “GPL” (GNU Public License) that you may have come across. Basically it says that the licensed item, commonly a piece of software, is available in source code form and that you may use it. It also says that, if you change it, […]