Carl Sagan, in his Cosmos television series about the universe said, “We are star-stuff.” He meant that the atoms that make up our bodies were generated in the nuclear furnaces of stars and that, over billions of years, those stars exploded, cast their products out, and those parts were captured into new stellar systems. In […]

Fate of the Universe versus Our Fate

Scientists are undecided. Some say the universe is open-ended, that it will expand forever, and that entropy will ultimately win. Others say it is cyclic, that it started, and will end, with a bang. Definitions vary a little but, basically, entropy means that the universe will eventually run down, like a toy car exhausting its […]

It’s About People

In a friend’s blog and in response to an on-going exchange about living in the USA versus elsewhere (see the replies to his Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007 entry), I made the following comment: Dude, you’re right. You *NEED* to travel. No question about it. After I wrote code for 20+ years I got really, really […]


Guidelines from above: Master what you can. Help each other. Try not to hurt anyone. Accept.