2011 Dillon Precision Calendar Prize

Damp and chilly. Brrrr! The humidity was high and, with the cool 58 degrees, there was a decided chill to the air as we shot the Bullseye 900 last night. Everyone wore a light jacket or a shirt atop a shirt. I “warmed up” with 22 caliber and kept its temperature-sensitive ammunition in my pocket. […]

Fall Temperatures Arrive Next Week!

Hot? Did someone say it’s hot in Arizona? And at the end of September? [Phew!] On the new pistol range clock that shows the time in both analog and digital forms, set by radio, as well as the current temperature, it was 97 degrees for the first shot at 7:00PM last night at the Phoenix […]

Nighthawks Great Season Start!

Wow, what a turnout! We had a total of ten (10) shooters last night for the Nighthawks weekly event at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club in spite of the unseasonal heat. That included three beginners and one out-of-state visitor. (Beginners and visitors is how the ranks will be built up. They are always welcome!) […]

Nighthawks 06/01/2010

“Where the heck’s my front sight?” It’s “traditional Bullseye 900” this coming week (Tuesday, June 1, 2010) at Nighthawks in Phoenix Arizona. Shoot any handgun (no magnums, please — range rules) and one- or two-handed as you prefer. Bring 100 rounds, more if you come early and want to practice before the match that begins […]