I shoot Bullseye for several reasons. Those who know me can report that, yes, my #1 reason is for the camaraderie; I just plain like the people I meet who are shooting Bullseye. But that’s not the only reason. A sense of accomplishment is also important. And with that also needs to be the knowledge […]

NRA Annual Convention, Phoenix

The wife is still on the fence about going downtown today. Yeah, it’s gonna be hot but the light rail is supposed to be punctual so we’ll sit in the car until it’s almost time for it to pick us up at the park ‘n ride lot near Christown Mall. Then, it’s $2.50 each for […]

National Firearms Museum

National Firearms Museum On a recent business trip to the Washington DC area, I had a couple of spare hours to visit the National Firearms Museum. It’s in the NRA headquarters building in Virginia, just west of Washington DC. For those with street mapping GPSs, a good map or who are familiar with the area, […]