Good Things Come In Threes

When I arrived home after work Friday, there was a FedEx note hanging on the front door. “Adult Signature Required”, it said. There was an address where I could get the package tomorrow. That’s odd, I thought. Neil’s FedEx-land shipment of 1,000 reloads (from NSK Sales) wasn’t due until Saturday and they usually just left […]

Ordered 1,000 Reloads of 45 ACP

I sent 1,000 empty pieces of 45 ACP brass to Neil at NSK Sales along with a check for $155.35 to reload them as “wad” (Bullseye) ammunition. My total cost per round will be at $0.16 per round after adding in the postage for the empty brass. (The check consisted of $121.25 for the reloads […]