Another Moon Picture

This image, with all camera controls on manual, is about 24 hours after the “super moon” maximum. At the top-right edge of the shadow, you can see the terminator – the dividing “line” between dark and light — starting to creep in now as we are slightly past full moon status. (The mountains and crater […]

In-Flight Sunset

Returning from a recent business trip, we enjoyed this spectacular sunset as the plane descended for Phoenix. (Click to embiggen.)

The News of Our Demise …

… is (again) exaggerated by the national news. The local news is more accustomed to this. But there was a unique aspect last night. About 7:00PM as the winds were beginning to whip around, I went outside to put our patio umbrellas down so they wouldn’t end up in the neighbor’s yard. Above me and […]