Robert Carlson’s Ultimate Story Structure Chart

This shouldn’t be lost. Robert Carlson created a summary chart of thirteen (13) story structure overviews. Here’s his diagram (saved from a comment at reddit). Across the top, note the Act I, Act II (parts A and B), and Act III divisions. Squinting at the chart so the details blur, I can spot four structures […]

Designing for Writing (Plottr then Scrivener)

Plotters plan a story’s major events, then they write using that guide. (Pantsers, on the other hand, simply jump right in to the writing and “see where it goes.”) I’ve mentioned the Seven Point System in other posts. For additional details, use the Search box (at to find all the links. The screen capture […]

Storylines in Scrivener

Introduction Over thousands of years, storytellers have learned two things about people: They listen, read, or watch stories as escape from their lives, and They will sympathize with characters who fight and defeat powerful enemies, or that fight but succumb to terrible injustices. Whether you are a Plotter who plans his stories before writing, or a […]