John Zurek, Steve Reiter, Jim Henderson, Daryl Szarenski (L to R, click for bigger) My work takes me to many large and successful companies. Some of them build airplanes. Some of them make automobiles. And some of them … well, they won’t say what they do. They just smile and change the subject. But there […]

Good Enough For Now

1911 Trigger and Harp with Trigger Stop Screw Removed The rules of the Bullseye sport allow considerable latitude in equipment and technique. And there are certain items and practices that improve one’s ability to hit the center of the target. These include for most shooters but not all Red dot, Good stance, Focus (of attention […]

Memo #1 to Self

Sunday came with high hopes but that’s as far as it went. The first target told the story: 22 Slow Fire, 84-0. To make Expert, I needed an average of 90 across all forms and guns. And although things got better and I ended with 824-19 in that caliber, needing an 810 average, that gave […]

The Evolving Shot Plan

A shot plan is the sequence of steps, physical and mental, that you go through when shooting. Top shooters use their shot plan to gain consistency of performance; if they follow the exact same steps for each shot, they will get the same results for each shot. Of course, that begs the question of what’s […]

Spotting Holes

I can see two, maybe three camps of thought on what a spotting scope is for but first I’ll point out that we all probably agree it’s a good tool for getting your sights lined up. But once that’s accomplished, the divergence of opinion begins. Specifically, once your sights are lined up, do you still […]