Mixed Bag

Steve Reiter (2008) Here are some scattered notes and comments from today. I didn’t shoot very well in today’s 2700. All my scores were down at the low-end of where I’ve been shooting. The bad news is this was an Authorized match and the scores count so I’ll be in Outdoor Sharpshooter land for a […]

Day 4 of 4, 45 Caliber and Leg Match

Before Little things: John occasionally brings sweets — donuts, cupcakes, etc. — but won’t touch them himself until the match is over; Younger shooters (that’s younger than 50 or so) are more passionate in their frustration and can become borderline reckless if their handguns jam more than once — keep an eye on them; Renold […]

Finesse the Trigger

See that stack of rocks? That’s Steve Reiter, national champion Bullseye shooter many times over. I call him a “stack of rocks” because if you finish your Slow Fire early and sit down to watch, he looks like an utterly immobile stack of rocks that’s been like that for a couple of millenia. Nothing moves. […]

When Zins Speaks, …

Brian Zins has won the US national bullseye (Conventional Pistol) competition at Camp Perry Ohio more times than most of us have shot Xs in a single target. Understandably, when Brian speaks, bullseye shooters listen. Not long ago, Brian wrote to the bullseye-l mailing list about his grip. He said, From: Zins GySgt Brian H […]