Pretty Cloud

It’s only a 96 and there’s only one X but I don’t care. This is a very pretty target. I shot it in Timed Fire this past Sunday and decided to bring it home. It’s going up on the wall. What makes it pretty is the circular shape. Oh, a couple of clicks up and […]

Good Enough For Now

1911 Trigger and Harp with Trigger Stop Screw Removed The rules of the Bullseye sport allow considerable latitude in equipment and technique. And there are certain items and practices that improve one’s ability to hit the center of the target. These include for most shooters but not all Red dot, Good stance, Focus (of attention […]

Memo #1 to Self

Sunday came with high hopes but that’s as far as it went. The first target told the story: 22 Slow Fire, 84-0. To make Expert, I needed an average of 90 across all forms and guns. And although things got better and I ended with 824-19 in that caliber, needing an 810 average, that gave […]


I shoot Bullseye for several reasons. Those who know me can report that, yes, my #1 reason is for the camaraderie; I just plain like the people I meet who are shooting Bullseye. But that’s not the only reason. A sense of accomplishment is also important. And with that also needs to be the knowledge […]

Trigger Weight Surprises

Recently I mentioned that I had the trigger weight on my IZH-46M air pistol cranked up to the maximum. I did this to practice with a heavy trigger. Today, I decided to measure it. And while I was at it, I weighed triggers on my other guns as well. But before weighing triggers, I thought […]

Mouse-Finger versus Trigger-Finger

Mouse-finger Rest your hand on the table, palm down, in a relaxed and slightly arched shape. Tap it with your trigger finger. That’s mouse-finger and, if you’re reading this on-line, it’s probably something you did to get here; you clicked a link or a button with your computer mouse. And if you use the mouse […]

Relative Importances

To my article, “Be A Straight Shooter“, an anonymous reader objected: “Is it my understanding that a Sharpshooter is suggesting that everyone else is standing wrong?” That comment admittedly raised my hackles, initially because the author chose to remain anonymous, but after I had slept on it I had to admit it bothered me because […]


I skipped coffee in the interest of stability. Maybe that’s what I did wrong. I ate a high-protein breakfast 90 minutes before first shot so my brain would have the needed molecules for concentration. Maybe that’s what I did wrong. I disassembled, wiped down and otherwise lightly cleaned the wadder the night before. Maybe that’s […]

Finesse the Trigger

See that stack of rocks? That’s Steve Reiter, national champion Bullseye shooter many times over. I call him a “stack of rocks” because if you finish your Slow Fire early and sit down to watch, he looks like an utterly immobile stack of rocks that’s been like that for a couple of millenia. Nothing moves. […]

Practice: Moving the Trigger Straight Back

Don’t have an unloaded handgun to practice with? No problem. Here’s how to practice moving the trigger finger straight back. You can do this standing or sitting, any time day or night. All it needs is your attention and a credit card. Hold your arm, wrist and fingers the same as when you are holding […]