Bulge Be Gone

Addendum 02/13/2013 For some time (as in years) I’ve been having a rare but persistent problem when reloading. When the Dillon 650 places the shell in the first station, on rare occasion – 1 in 100 or 200 – the shell will be slightly out of position such that when the ram comes up to […]

LaserLyte and The Jerk

Additional Comments The Laser Target works best in a dimly-lit area. It’s important to run your whole Slow Fire shot process in this practice. For me, that’s about 30 seconds per shot and begins with two deep breaths before raising the gun. “Shooting” at the Laser Target from across the room (8-10′) is fine. At […]

Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons

If you want to understand how your Bullseye target pistol works, these videos are what you want. They explain the whole process that happens in milliseconds when it works, or drives us nuts when it doesn’t.

How To Shoot Bullseye

To Shoot Bullseye: Use good equipment; Learn proper technique; Train your body/mind how to do it; Practice, practice, practice; and Let it happen. (Don’t think!)